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"The Chill", oil on sheet canvas, 6" x 8" (matt 17" x 19") Private Collection


"The Chill" is part of a series titled "Postcards From Florida" My sister-in-law sends me postcards from Florida. The ones I like resemble old Hollywood movies with impeccable palm trees and sunsets, promising romance and glamour. They are miniature portraits of America putting her best foot forward in her constant search for perfection. They remind me of all things that are not as they seem to be, but still I am touched by the nostalgic beauty of postcards from Florida.




Little Romances

The nostalgic beauty of earlier decades gives form to our need for stability in a
rapidly changing and indecisive world. "Little Romances" is a loosely woven
series of retro-romantic paintings, frequently presented as "social dance" with
elegant attire and proper demeanor. We have always looked back,
beyond memory, randomly selecting repairs for contemporary life.