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"Passing Landscape #6," oil on sheet canvas, 6" x 8" (matt 17" x 19")
Private Collection



My son lives in Oregon, a visually exotic place to me, so excruciatingly beautiful that it's landscape became part of a series titled "Secret Gardens and Passing Landscapes.




Secret Gardens and Passing Landscapes

Secret gardens are ordinary
and extraordinary moments in life
when all is right with the world
fleeting moments of awareness

Like flashes of exquisite landscapes
viewed from a car window
they become instant memories
savored and protected





Hatch Takes Some New Directions, by David Dodd Lee

…In her latest exhibit, "Secret Gardens and Passing Landscapes at the Park Gallery, Hatch presents some familiar elements but also takes off in new directions…

…Finally, wonderfully, Hatch has painted a series of very small landscapes. These are breathlessly confident works, as deft as a work by Franz Kline, as luminous as a painting by Mark Rothko. In "Passing Landscape #2," shrubs seem to float in a sea of flaming orange and pink grasses. And the horizon is alive with the dark, shadowy presence of spruces, loosely and skillfully painted beneath a glowing blue sky that cuts a slashing diagonal across the small work's surface.

There are seven of these landscape paintings, and they ring with signs of human presence that nature simply bleeds through. And Hatch's calligraphic and slapdash paint handling is loose and authoritative. These small paintings alone are worth a visit to the Park Gallery.

But go for all of it. Go to see one of our best local artists spreading her wings, sometimes falling, sometimes flying.