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"Other Fish", oil on sheet canvas, 12 " x 18" (matt 22" x 28") Private Collection


Part of a "Little Dancer" series, the title "Other Fish" makes reference to "other things to do" or "move onto". It is number 6 in the series, which shows the dancer, in mainly outdoor settings. Some, like this one are taken from photographs of Oregon landscape, between the coast and Portland.

Behind the dancer is a roadside theatre, which inexplicably begins to float away. Like so much of life, the players often find themselves carried along by circumstances, caught up in the momentum of events outside their control. It appears that her stage is leaving and she moves along with it, still maintaining her position while crowning herself ruler of a shifting domain .




The Dancers

Dance seems a natural and graceful metaphor for human activities
and dancers arrive unbidden
even in paintings occupied with other matters.
When figures become storytellers
the slightest nuance of position or movement is significant
speaking with a silent but clear voice
simultaneously revealing and mysterious